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Company Introduction

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Greetings from the C

Company Introduction

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Greetings from the C
  • Film Molding Company,
    Soo-Hyong Bae
  • Hello,

    We are the Film Molding Company, the world's first pattern film insertion type molding / automotive interior - exterior tuning supply (Feelding) manufacturer. First, I thank you for visiting our homepage.

    Our company, based on the know-how of producing the mold for the interior materials for Hyundai, Kia, Ssangyong and other companies, has localized the process for film making that relied on imports and have reduced the cost with patented production process.

    Also not only for automotive supplies (Feelding) but we are building reputation through various product development, mold making, vacuum forming, film transfer sheet and various injection moldings.
  • The Film Molding Company is the only company in the nation to produce the automotive accessories usingdomestic film, domestic machines and domestic technology and with over 5 years of research and development, we have found the solution for demanding production conditions and we were able to produce a new product called the 'Feelding' which had never existed in the past to replace the existing car accessories market with a new market.
    The technique to advance the product using a film costs a lot for the molding production so the imported film is used with demanding production process but due to the innovative production process that can manufacture three-dimensional shape for multiple products at once which can be applied to all areas of business that uses not only for automobile but IT equipment, home appliances, navigation, black box and various accessories where the plastics are used.
    We welcome our new partners who wishto open a new future with the Film Molding Company.