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Company Introduction

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Company Introduction

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Technology Innovation/Potential Customer's Needs/Customer Satisfaction

Technology Innovatio

The Film Molding Company, based on accumulated mold making technology for the past 30 years have produced and delivered genuine automobile interior film (IML / IMD), mold (vacuum, injection, press) and automated machines (CAM). Not being satisfied only on the mold business but through continuous technology innovation has developed the automotive interior - exterior tuning supply called 'the Feelding' for a business expansion.

Potential Customer's Needs

Thinking first about what our customers want and implementing the innovative technology to find the potential needs of our customers.

Customer satisfaction

Not only for price and quality but in delivery and service, we provide the most suitable customized service that meets the customer’sneeds and taste.
Our customer satisfaction service strive to provide the trust and satisfaction for reasonable initial inquiry to final product delivery and A / S.
We will do our best to become the best partner for your business as a consistent business partner.